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Transforming Grief and Garbage into Growth and Gardens

Our mission, our ethos, our models for alchemy to the planet, one individual and home at a time…

Improving the Quality of Life for all Human Beings on Planet Earth

Our vision, our goal to improve the global living standard, our commitment to health, happiness and lives in harmony, one community and bioregion at a time…

Our Shared Journey of Transformation

Connecting Generations

When we find ourselves fully embodying our life purpose and passions, and fully embracing our gifts and unique perspective, we naturally inspire those around us to new levels of fulfillment.  We believe that this inspiration and role-modeling can improve the global quality of life, one community at a time.  Our multi-generational mentoring programs connect at-risk teens and elders to share experience, wisdom, and life skills for the mutual benefit of their community.

Garbage into Gardens

By making new relationship with our current waste streams, we can effectively transform them into resource streams. Our programs integrate discarded materials, often perceived of as trash, to build gardens, food forests, tiny homes and other structures which integrate sustainable science.  By growing food and medicine, harvesting rainwater, re-using grey water, and converting organic waste into soil through compost methods, we model a new paradigm that acknowledges that throwing something away does not create a healthy eco-system.

Grief into Growth

With all of the stress, death and destruction that we are exposed to on a daily basis, our connection to our personal and ancestral grief can often gone unattended.  Our programs encourage individuals and community to make relationship with this grief, and provide healthy spaces to express and experience this process with support.  Through this alchemy, we can foster a deeper peace and appreciation for life, within ourselves and throughout the world. We offer a way to access this grief in a safe and transformative way, and a way to express these emotions that help to illuminate pathways for healing.

Our Shared Programs for Transformation

All Programs based in Regenerative Solutions

Modeling Bio-Regional Resource Management and Appropriate Technology

growup festival

Catalyzing world change with small scale solutions, GrowUp empowers local communities and property owners to create and live their own vision of a sustainable future. We assist land stewards and communities in manifesting their own unique vision in alignment with sustainable practices. We do this through designing transformational gatherings where individuals come together to support this unique vision through building, skill-sharing, teaching, and all-night dance parties.


GrownHome is a multi-generational mentoring program that matches masters in their crafts with young adults to teach and put into action tiny homes, food forests, rainwater and greywater systems, solar energy, and ecosystem remediation, regenerative landscapes, creatively manage resource streams, and turning up-cycling options into sellable products.  We are pioneering new living designs and living quarters with modularity, cost-effective techniques, and a feedback loop that integrates teacher, student, and end-user.


This proposal asserts that with the proper action and execution, a typical suburban home can be completely self-sufficient, producing enough food, water, and energy for the residents within 1 year.  Additionally, the residents will be re-directing 100% of their waste stream into garden structures, grey water systems, compost, and composting toilets. By mulching, composting, trading or selling existing landscape, the residents clear the slate for integrating sustainable design science to generate all the food, water, and power needed for a healthy, happy lifestyle.


A multi-generational mentoring program connecting elders, at-risk young adults and middle-aged professionals through sharing nature connection and life skills. We provide synergistic interactions which upgrade mental programming – leading to fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Healing the Wounds of Humanity, by Making Relationship with All Things.

Spreading Empathy, Connection, and Cooperation through Recalibration, Repair, and Resolution

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Sharing your abundance with our non-profit breathes life into these projects.  Sharing the unique healing, purpose, and passions of individuals with community, we create models to inspire a new way of living in balance with one another and our planet. Your donation contains the seeds which will grow a more realized humanity, attaining a shared vision of purpose and fulfillment, and improving the quality of life for all beings on this planet.

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