Attaining ideal state of Human Fulfillment

health & happiness
community connection
environmental stewardship

Conscious evolution brings with it

  • purpose
  • peace
  • play
  • service
  • to our immediate life and the entire planet
  • Opportunity to see multiple perspectives
  • Embrace core beliefs
  • Release that which no longer serves us.

Individual rites of passage

supported by group re-integration
encourage the examination of:

  • shadow side
  • unconscious wounds
  • limiting beliefs
  • ways of being which no longer serves us

Growth and self-reflection

is a life-long journey
we take responsibility
for our own actions and emotions
help those around us to recognize
the shadows and strengths of others as our own
and interact with compassion & patience

Growgramming: By immersing ourselves in nature, becoming reconnected to the natural flow of life and time, we get the most accurate reflection of ourselves, the world, and our role in the cycle of life.  This connection to the natural world brings about a reduction of stress, better brain functioning, and a more balanced, healthy emotional state – and are now being verified through scientific proof.

Mankind Project: a men’s group dedicated to personal transformation, and the support and exploration of what it is to be a man in today’s world.

Woman Within: a women’s group dedicated to personal transformation, and the support and exploration of what it is to be a woman in today’s world.

Wilderness Youth Project: nature mentoring for children and families, exploring the connection between passion and awareness of the natural world

Wellspring Healing Arts: bodywork, physical rehabilitation, intuitive plant healing, spiritual counseling, and ceremony for birthing and dying.

Aware of the Wild: professional therapy & counseling for mental health with options to incorporate Wilderness Therapy into personal healing and transformation sessions

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