GrownHome mentoring & projects include:


  • Tiny-House Construction Summer Camp
  • Rainwater Harvesting Internships
  • Permaculture Gardens Apprenticeships
  • Carpentry and Metal Working Craftsman Workshop
  • Natural Building Intensives: Cob, Straw bale, Earthen Plasters, Earthen Floors
  • Multi-Generational Mentoring
  • Sustainable Vocations




Multi-Generational Mentoring. Craftsman Quality. Tiny Houses. Food Forests.

GrownHome is a multi-generational mentoring program that matches masters in their crafts with young adults to teach and put into action tiny homes, food forests, rainwater and greywater systems, solar energy, and ecosystem remediation. GrownHome is a public-benefit business, working on local homes, neighborhoods and parks to create regenerative landscapes, creatively manage resource streams, and turning up-cycling options into sellable products.  By pioneering new living designs and living quarters with modularity, cost-effective techniques, and a feedback loop that integrates teacher, student, and end-user, the result is a more beautiful, more resilient, and high-quality home.

GrownHome brings these skills and technologies to local homes, neighborhoods and parks to create regenerative landscapes, food forests, resource streams, and up-cycling options.  We pioneer new designs and buildings and modular solutions with cheaper, more beautiful, more resilient, highly crafted options.

Connecting Generations

Multi-generational impact, local focus.

By connecting the diversity of a variety of ages, backgrounds, and perspectives, we create a richer, more balanced foundation from which to build. We are encouraging the craftsman and craftswomen who have spent their lives mastering their trade and embracing their passions to pass along this wisdom to current generations so this knowledge and know-how will be preserved.

Connecting to Nature

Feeling Home in our Natural Environment

By making relationship with all things, including the things we have previously disowned or hidden, we step into a larger connection that exists between ourselves and the rest of the world.  This is the place where true transformation takes place: awareness of where we are, acknowledgement of where we have been, and focus on where we are headed.  We create an environment where all perspectives, histories, and passions are honored for their diversity.