Grow Up Gathering

Leave a Trace Festival. Permaculture Course. Transpersonal Psychology. Yoga. Dance.

Catalyzing world change with small scale solutions, GrowUp empowers local communities and property owners to create and live their own vision of a sustainable future. GrowUp organizes small (under 150 people) gatherings which serve to transform and enrich both the land and participants. Inspired by the transformational festival movement and the principles of permaculture design, GrowUp supports land stewards, visionaries, motivated change makers, and new paradigm pioneers in coming together to create the future we wish to see; one of abundance, community, sharing, and inspired co-creative action.

GrowUp. It’s time to Evolve.

We assist land stewards and communities in manifesting their own unique vision in alignment with sustainable practices. We do this through designing transformational gatherings where individuals gather to support this unique vision through building, skill-sharing, teaching, and all-night dance parties.

Each gathering features hand-on workshops led by expert pioneers in the fields of sustainable design and eco-building, leadership, artistry, and healing. Then these workshops are put immediately into action as participants work together to actually build the infrastructure to support the vision. Each participant is invited to show up with their unique gifts and specialties in an atmosphere of mutual support and appreciation, supporting individuals in embodying the best version of themselves.

We aim to create a safe space for people to grow, transform, express, play, and heal. In addition to hands-on workshops, GrowUp gatherings features visionary artists, performance artists, DJ’s, and musicians who are currently involved in sustainable action or interesting in creating a sustainable future.

Infrastructure projects include:

  • Food forests
  • Water Harvesting
  • Permaculture Gardens
  • Waste stream revisioning
  • Shelter, Structures & Natural Building
  • Community and relationships
  • Health and wellness


Connecting Generations

Multi-generational impact, local focus.

By connecting the diversity of a variety of ages, backgrounds, and perspectives, we create a richer, more balanced foundation from which to build. We are encouraging the craftsman and craftswomen who have spent their lives mastering their trade and embracing their passions to pass along this wisdom to current generations so this knowledge and know-how will be preserved.

Connecting to Nature

Feeling Home in our Natural Environment

By making relationship with all things, including the things we have previously disowned or hidden, we step into a larger connection that exists between ourselves and the rest of the world.  This is the place where true transformation takes place: awareness of where we are, acknowledgement of where we have been, and focus on where we are headed.  We create an environment where all perspectives, histories, and passions are honored for their diversity.