Improving Quality of Life through Regenerative Education & Multi-Generational Mentoring


Neighborhood Properties:
Zero Waste. 100% Self-Sufficient.

This proposal asserts that with the proper action and execution, a typical suburban home can be completely self-sufficient, producing enough food, water, and energy for the residents within 1 year.  Additionally, the residents will be re-directing 100% of their waste stream into garden structures, grey water systems, compost, and composting toilets. By mulching, composting, trading or selling existing landscape, the residents clear the slate for integrating sustainable design science to generate all the food, water, and power needed for a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Multi-Generational Mentoring:
Craftsman Quality. Tiny Houses. Food Forests.

GrownHome is a multi-generational mentoring program that matches masters in their crafts with young adults to teach and put into action tiny homes, food forests, rainwater and greywater systems, solar energy, and ecosystem remediation. GrownHome is a public-benefit business, working on local homes, neighborhoods and parks to create regenerative landscapes, creatively manage resource streams, and turning up-cycling options into sellable products.  By pioneering new living designs and living quarters with modularity, cost-effective techniques, and a feedback loop that integrates teacher, student, and end-user, the result is a more beautiful, more resilient, and high-quality home.

growup festival

Leave a Trace Festival. Permaculture Course. Transpersonal Psychology. Yoga. Dance.

Catalyzing world change with small scale solutions, GrowUp empowers local communities and property owners to create and live their own vision of a sustainable future. GrowUp organizes small (under 150 people) gatherings which serve to transform and enrich both the land and participants. Inspired by the transformational festival movement and the principles of permaculture design, GrowUp supports land stewards, visionaries, motivated change makers, and new paradigm pioneers in coming together to create the future we wish to see; one of abundance, community, sharing, and inspired co-creative action.


Realizing Human Potential in Body and Mind. Habits for Health and Happiness with Nature Immersion and Social Service.

Upgrading the human operating system through awareness, exercise, nutrition and examination of self-limiting beliefs. Sacred geometry as organizational activation for mind / body balance. Exercises for mindfulness, nature connection, intention, inner-exploration, and integration.