Foundation of Shared Sustainable Resources

Communities bring health & happiness
Encouraging purpose & passions of humans
To meet the needs of the whole

Life before money

Value healthy life for our current and future generations.
Sustainable vocations & Jobs with Purpose
Create educational centers
Focus matching talents to fit needs of the community.

Growposal: A proposal for transforming existing vegetation into mulch to grow edible, medicinal, and utilitarian plants (shelter, fibers, lumber) and creating jobs around sustainable local economies fueled by compost, greywater, rainwater, solar energy and meaningful, useful work.  Sharing techniques and tools through mentoring, apprenticeships and communal land.

Blue Economy: Creating money and a better environment through bio-mimicry, transforming waste into resources, and reformatting our ideas from the green approach of doing “less bad” to the blue approach (considering the entire ecosystem and that most of our planet is water) that focused on providing products and services that create jobs, sustainable economy, and zero waste.

Van Jones – Green For All