Valentine’s Day as a kid was Epic

The entire class passed out cards with colors, pictures, and fun phrases that made being alive feel good.  We even got to pick out themed-cards that reflected our taste in cartoons & movies.  It felt amazing to receive such love on an innocent level; especially when it comes with candy.

As we got older, Valentine’s Developed Polarity

Crushes, rejection, big gifts, big disappointments; some years there may be no special someone and then Valentine’s day becomes a singles’ nightmare with an unspoken buffer of time and space so any potential date doesn’t carry way too much expectation.

Some Claim that Everyday is Valentine’s

To them, it means that little surprise gifts and signs of appreciation and affection are given independent of the calendar date that signifies holiday, birthday, anniversary. Even though I am a romantic at heart, I usually found myself uninspired and unmotivated to bend to the will of some Hallmark-created day to feed the economy with a special dinner and special gift.

I’ve run into some Haters of Valentine’s Day Recently…

Perhaps I can count myself among them.  Ultimately, I accept my hater, and I want to bring a transformative approach to the occasion.  Turn the shadow, the thing I dislike most, into something I am willing to re-create as mutually beneficial.

What made Valentine’s Day Special as a Kid:

  • sharing
  • inclusiveness
  • secret admirers
  • unconditional love
  • art & expression that reflected our personal preferences & passions
  • handing out a card that gave a simple appreciation to everyone in the class
  • the excitement of emptying an entire box of envelopes with your name on the front

Yes, it Feels Good to Receive; it also Feels Good to Give

This exchange is the essence of sharing.  I invite you to renounce Val(ue)-In-Tines Day and reclaim it Your’s-And-Mine’s Day.  Yes, admittedly, it’s a lame play on words.  You’re invited to invent a better way to use word-play to accentuate the sharing theme.

After an introspective examination of relationships – seeing what’s been shared and what’s been withheld – I’m making claim to truly share my work, my passion, my art, and my words with this world.

Committing to Sharing Dreams for a Better Way

Sharing possibilities for appreciation within this world – individually & communally: encouraging, inspiring and modeling natural patterns to abundance, healthy, happiness and fulfillment of our purpose and existence on this planet and in this greater universe.

Recently, there has been inhibition to share certain ideas; they are radical, too big and will stir things up.  Some are also so simple and so universal.  They are concepts that have been around for years, some for centuries and millennia.  Some involve the nature of consciousness and human potential, others bring an efficient flow of community needs for basic survival, sustainable jobs and purposeful lives.  It’s time to start sharing our most vulnerable truths in order to truly re-connect as humans beings (instead of human-doings).

Sharing Over Occupying

This inspiration and clear vision for sharing sustainable solutions was born on February 14th, giving Yours-And-Mine Day the significance of reclaiming what doesn’t seem to be working for the individual and reclaiming & redefining it for a better appreciation of the whole.  Forget occupying.  We’re already occupied and pre-occupied.  Re-member sharing.  Remember that the most amazing days of sharing are not behind us, but before us.