Local economy of sustainable resources

accessible to all; meeting basic survival needs
clean water & food
as an inherent right of all planetary citizens
encouraging personal growth and healing
By bringing together a symbiotic relationship
between needs and jobs
we have the opportunity to create lasting peace on this planet.

Defeat all enemies by engineering Global Abundance

meet the needs of survival
and freedom of ideology
expression without violating the rights of others.

Imagine a military

focusing on bringing peace through planting food
creating sustainable growth of natural resources
regenerating the destruction that they have caused

Imagine the transformation

when we pioneer the way
to admit to our violations of others
creating forgiveness
by repairing the damage we have created
on an individual and community basis

It takes self-realized individuals to lead the way

Assembling teams who create lasting change
and a new direction of responsible action
considering the entire planet
before the need of an individual
person, country or corporation.

New Earth Army: Lt. Colonel Jim Channon’s website for organizing local and global groups for action to create peace, health and ecological sustainability.  His work is the real life story that the movie, Men Who Stare at Goats, was based on.