Sharing sustainable solutions

Sustainable Solutions = Regenerative Futures
ensure our health & happiness
provide abundance
of natural resources
to our community,
our country
and our planet

We believe that the inherent purpose of humans

the original instructions hardwired into our DNA
is to be caretakers
of one another
our environment
and the globe

Permaculture: the Design Science of Sustainability

  • actively demonstrating and re-evaluating
  • achieving efficiency through feedback loop
  • mimicking success of natural systems
  • creating clean water, food, and energy
  • sharing abundance with the entire ecosystem

TwoYears. Grow:  gathering, sharing, and implementing existing sustainable solutions; we will travel the world to research and share easy and efficient techniques for growing food and managing resources.  By incorporating permaculture – the design science of sustainability – and using the Green Economy 2.0 as inspiration (alternatively known as The Blue Economy), it is our intention to share our global travels through video, photography, and articles.

Grown Home: Natural Building, Sustainable Landscaping, Solar Power, Greywater Systems, Rainwater Catchment, Strawbale Construction, Food Forests, Neighborhood Gardens

Quail Springs: Permaculture Farm & Learning Oasis; Permaculture Design Courses, Water Shed Restoration, Natural Building,

Fairview Farm: Local, Organic Biodynamic Farming; Homesteading Classes; Farmer’s Market; Produce Stand

Oasis Designs: Art Ludwig, Water Expert, Greywater installation & how-to-manuals

Food Not Lawns: Turn your water-consuming lawn into a food-producing garden