Transforming Grief and Garbage into Growth and Gardens

Our Mission

Empowering Humanity to Improve Quality of Life
on a Global Scale

We Share Earth is a non-profit organization which generates and supports projects that contribute to a sustainable future for humans and the earth. At We Share Earth, we recognize the principle interdependence and the realization that human and planetary transformation occur simultaneously. Our programs facilitate healing, sustainability, and connection for individuals, communities, humanity, and the environment, and ultimately, bring our tagline to life:

Transforming Grief and Garbage into Growth and Gardens.

We Share Earth provides a solution-based approach to environmental and community-based issues through experiential workshops, free online videos and ebooks, and joint projects with local organizations and locations to create a more sustainable, connected planet. Sustainability and regenerative living through education and appropriate use of technology. Taking positive action, encouraging environmental learning, building creativity

Improving the Quality of Life for all Human Beings on Planet Earth

Our Vision

Creating Regional Models for Community Self-Resilience

Our mission is to create a healthy, resilient, self-sufficient community, with clean food, water and shelter available to the entire planet.  By role-modeling the symbiosis between appropriate technology and natural techniques, we provide an experiential learning environment for individuals and communities to obtain sustainable lifestyles as we move towards a regenerative future.

Creating a synergy between creativity, innovation, pioneering effective solutions application is at the core of our ethos. With the current global need for practical and efficient problem-solving, we are sharing a new vision for humanity by creating a balance between individual purpose, creative diversity and a community at need.

Our Programs

Pioneering community collaboration, regional resilience, and regenerative balance

Taking Action towards Regenerative Living

We will share with the planet simple models for local sustainability in easy-to-understand visual formats that provide the opportunity to transcend barriers of language, race, religion, and nationality.  Through abundance of shared resources, we can promote a peaceful, healthy existence amongst the world’s population. Through the creation and dissemination of our work, we have the opportunity to reconnect with our fellow humans and learn and teach in a place of mutual appreciation.

Online Transformative Multi-Media Education

Join us as we explore a planet earth where we focus on extracting the solution from within the problem, and finding beauty amidst the chaos and decay of the world as it exists and evolves.  Please sign-up for updates, videos, and emails and share with us your hopes, dreams, and solutions that inspire, motivate, and keep your life sustainable and healthy.

Programs from We Share Earth